Feeling overwhelmed with tasks? Here’s a 15 min solution.

Feeling overwhelmed with tasks? Here’s a 15 min solution.

Feeling overwhelmed, anxious or stressed about all your tasks at work or home? A simple and surprisingly therapeutic solution is to take a few moments and write everything down. I promise it’ll be worth the 15 minutes.

  1. Grab a blank sheet of paper or find an empty whiteboard. Write down all the words or phrases on your mind. Write until you exhaust what’s on your mind, until you feel a release of stress and anxiety
  2. After you get everything written down, you can focus on the underlying problem: lack of prioritization and awareness of deadlines. Now you can create a plan to handle all the tasks instead of being overwhelmed by them!
  3. Find three different color markers and start circling words or phrases based on whether they are of high, medium or low priority. When you finish prioritizing, put dates on items that have hard deadlines.

When you’re done, go ahead and start working on the high priority tasks with hard deadlines. You probably only have a few, but going in everything felt like a high priority task due yesterday.

p.s. if you are routinely overwhelmed by the volume and urgency of tasks, you may want to take a different approach to your weekly planning.

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