How to get email attachments into

How to get email attachments into

Box is my preferred cloud based file storage and sync tool. Compared to Dropbox, Google Drive, etc., the free version of Box has a better web interface, a richer set of features and a healthy amount of free storage.

The only thing that annoys me about the free version of Box is it does not include the premium feature that lets you add files to Box via email. Dropbox does not offer this feature at all, but I wrote a post with a workaround using a free service called IFTTT (If This Then That).  Thankfully, a similar workaround does the trick for Box. IFTTT is a web based workflow tool that lets you trigger certain actions using a variety of web apps. If you’ve never tried IFTTT, setting it up to upload email attachments to Box is a good place to start.

6 step setup:

  1. Click on this task recipe I’ve shared: (will open in a new wind0w)
  2. Click Use. Either logon to an existing IFTTT account or create a new one. (If you are creating a new account, use the same email address you’ll most often be sending email attachments from. Then scroll down to the bottom of the welcome page and click on the blue Back to Recipe button.)
  3. Click the blue Activate button below the Box icon to authorize use with IFTTT
  4. Click Use Recipe button to activate
  5. In your email address book, create a contact named ifttt and set the email address to
  6. Login to your Box account, click the new folder icon and name the new folder emailattachments

To test:

  1. Create an email to send to ifttt, put the tag #box in the subject or body and attach a file. Send the email.
  2. Go back to, click the My Recipes button and then click the arrow next to the recipe labeled “Upload an email attachment to Box”
  3. Click the check now button. You should see a message below the button that changes to “…last triggered 1 minute ag0.”
  4. Verify that the file you attached to the test email is in the emailattachments folder on Box.


  • Anne

    Where is this “blue your tasks link” on my ifttt account? (Step 2 of test)

    • Levi Smith

      Looks like I had a typo and IFTTT changed some labeling after the post! Here’s the corrected step 2: Go back to (, click the My Recipes button (at the top of the site) and then click the arrow next to the recipe labeled “Upload an email attachment to Box”


  • cort

    There’s a way to email directly to Box using tools by They have a new Save & Share tool with Chrome and Outlook versions. You’ll be able to upload content from your inbox into cloud folders Individual emails can be saved as PDFs. for deets

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