My recommendations for books to read, people and sites to follow and products, apps or services to use are below. I have a separate page dedicated to resources for organizational health and culture.

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People and sites to follow:

Any blogs or other sites I follow tweet about their new content, so I stay up to date by reviewing tweets rather than by checking sites or using an RSS reader. See Replacing your RSS Reader with Hootsuite for a how-to guide on setting up this process for reviewing a lot of prioritized content in a short period of time.

To see the individuals and sites I follow, browse my Priority 1, Priority 2 and Priority 3 lists on twitter.  A couple good blogs to get you started: sethgodin.com and michaelhyatt.com.

My favorite web services and apps these days:

Communication & Collaboration


Website Management


Communication & Sharing

  • Mailchimp for email subscriptions and newsletters
  • Hootsuite for social engagement and monitoring
  • Bufferapp for scheduled sharing of posts and other content
  • Olark for website help chats
  • bit.ly for shortening and sharing URLs

Content Creation


Tasks, Docs & Files

  • Box and Dropbox for storing, sharing and syncing files
  • Evernote for saving and sharing notes and ideas
  • HelloSign collecting electronic signatures
  • HelloFax for and sending or receiving the rare fax
  • Crashplan for online backups

Automation & Productivity

  • SaneBox for getting control of your email box allowing you to focus on what matters
  • Zapier and If This Then That (IFTTT) connecting web apps via APIs to automate workflow
  • Swipes for tasks on mobile and web
  • Webmerge.me for automated document workflow
  • FollowUpThen for using your inbox as a task list and scheduling follow-ups
  • NutShellMail for creating daily email digests of social media activity including twitter, facebook and linkedin


  • Waveapps for managing multiple business accounts and sending invoices
  • LessAccounting for really simple accounting and invoicing
  • Nimble to keep track of leads and deals (CRM)
  • Expensify for tracking expenses and creating reimbursement reports
  • KnackHQ a relational database in the cloud
  • Formstack for webforms
  • Ordoro for creating shipping labels

Mobile & Tablet Apps



Free team and leadership resources to take advantage of:

Thought provoking videos to watch:

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