Are you satisfied with your story?

Are you satisfied with your story?

Last Spring, my wife and I attended Donald Miller’s Storyline conference in Nashville, TN. After reading A Million Miles in a Thousand Years together, we began to evaluate whether we were living a compelling story, one that reflected our Christian faith, intrigued us and would engage our children in the years ahead.

More than any of the other life planning resource we had been through, Miller’s tale resonated with my wife and I in a way that really spurred reflection and action. Since reading the book almost two years ago and attending the conference this past Spring, we made a number of changes from a new vocational pursuit to moving houses and many other smaller adjustments along the way. Most recently, we finished up our life plans in the form of storylines, which we are now revising and working to merge (helpful when you are married).

If your life was turned into a biography or screenplay, would you read or watch it? Would you be interested? Would others?

If like us you are not sure the answer would be yes, you can make changes and live a different story. The changes may not be easy and they will most certainly involve conflict, but that is where your story becomes interesting. This is not about being vain, but about embracing a natural desire to live a life that is significant, that impacts others and is part of what God is already doing in the grand story taking place all around you.

If living a better story interests you, Miller has just released some new resources that will help. Enjoy.


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